Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Friday

I was off and running today from 12:30 to 5:30. Megan had a grandmal at school and through mis communication and people freaking out over her seizure the wrong family was called to report the seizure. It was finally noticed it was Megan and not the other child whos parents had been called when I got my call.
Megan was taken by ambulance to Good Sam so I had to rush off up there to get her. I walk into the ER room and Megan is all smiles and giggles and hugs and kisses and yelling lol. She was fine it was a seizure that I deal with all the time.
The Dr. steps in and has no idea what LGS is so I do a basic lesson and tell him it is normal we deal with them all the time they change she is on multi meds etc. He just looked at me like *why is she here?* We had to explain the mess up at school and that is why she was taken in.
So we get her up and checked out and rush off to Roberts Dr. appointment. Get there at 2:45 and leave at 3:45, go to get his RX filled at Riteaid. Finally at 4:45 we are done there and I run over to Safeway to get Chinese for dinner. I am not going to try and defrost something at this point when I still had dishes to do!
Get home and it is around 5:30 or so. I give Megan her meds, change her diaper and decide to post on Facebook for a few. Jason gets home and we talk about our crazy days we both had and then it is after 9 and we watch TV a bit together and then I have to do the last does of Megans meds.
Yea that went over well. She had had another seizure when we were watching TV and was not in a mood for meds. SHe gave me a hard tome so hubby helped me and we got them down her.
AMEN that day is over and I am going to bed! AMEN that Megan is fine and Robert is fine and they both have insurance!!!!


  1. Long day! (hugs) im glad everyone made it threw and is ok!

  2. How does the school call the wrong parents? Dear Lord!!

    ~~Septy (who forgot to sign in again grrrrr)