Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Madness

OK not really a Monday Madness day but thought it sounded cute! What a blessing today is! I had to open my window and get some fresh air. The cat loves it as well she went right to the window to sit down and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful day!
I am trying to get laundry done and I have gotten the dishes taken care of. Robert and his friends are going to put the Chrtistmas stuff away for me in a few. I will have my livingroom back to normal!
I plan on stayong home tomorrow and getting the house dusted, vacuumed, swpt, mopped, and cleaned! I will make a list and check off as I get stuff done.
I went to Safeway today to get some bargains but I forgot my coupons for the items I went for. I did have my main coupons so I was able to pick up Tide and Downy both on sale at least. I also had a Safeway coupon for a free Sliders by Hot Pockets. I picked up my free box of those to try. Megan liked them I was hmmm nope not going to do it. The insides reminded me of barf to put it bluntly. I picked up milk as well when I was at Safeway. I love that you can buy 2 gallons of milk on sale 2/3.98. My girlfriend in Louisianna pays that for one gallon she says.
I also am going to list stuff on Craigslist again. I want the stuff gone and sold! I have gave away so much of it already but love to make money for me! I want to put it into a savings for a little vacation for the family this summer.
Well off to do a few more chores and see what to make for dinner. Love and blessings and thank you Jesus for this amazingly beautiful day!

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  1. Ya big tease!! You with your open windows and US getting some snow!