Monday, October 12, 2009

What a Day

Today I had both of the younger boys. One is five and the other will be five in two weeks. My house had way to much testrosterian *sp* here today!
The boys played Army men, good guys and bad guys, Transformers, chase, chase, and chase, fought over the cat and then the dog. I finally had to say the cat is mine and the dog is mine!!!!! Oh yea and the decided that they were eating *beaver tail!!!!* OK I had to laugh when I over heard that I mean the tail???
OK we did some art today such as they painted pumpkins. Mathias painted his red and yellow and Andrew painted his blue. I have misplaced my Halloween colored paints.
Mathias and I made no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. His job was to drop the batter into the little mounds onto the wax paper.
Mathias also made a necklace for his Mom and Andrew made a Halloween house. I will try and get pictures of what the boys are doing tomorrow.
OK for tomorrow they will be painting more of their pumpkins with the new paints I bought tonight. They will also each be painting a wood pumpkin. Tony did one back in October of 1991. Mathias got a kick out of it and thought it was great! He met Tony the other day and fell in love with him. It was to cute how he took to Tony.
The boys are also going to be able to make a skeleton out of Q tips *thank you Rena* and black construction paper and glue. I will post the pictures after they are done.
We are going to make paper chains out of black and orange construction paper.
I am glad that all my old art stuff is being used now. I tried to sell it last summer and no one would buy it. Thank you Lord for knowing what was best for me in the end!
I went to Michaels tonight and bought 11 colors of paint for the kids to use. I got red, orange, blue, green, lime, black, pink, purple, yellow, white and glo in the dark.
I also bought some Kid Connections glitter glue tubes in a variety of colors. There are six tubes in each package. One package is with the primary colors and the other package has colors called brites.
I found more interesting items even. One was Liquid Water Color also made by Kid Connections. You add it to water to make paint, or add it to cornstarch and water to make a sidewalk paint, and you can add it to baby bath liquid soap with some cornstarch  to make a finger paint or to make a paint for the bathtub! The first package holds cool colors which includes green, violet and blue. The second package holds hot colors which is red, yellow and orange.
Another cool item I bought is stickers and glitter stickers.
One is called Batty Night and has glitter stickers of orange, yellow, green and purple miniture stars,yellow and orange crecent moons, purple and black bats and  orange and yellow full moons.
The other is called Bugs & Bats. It has orange and green spiders half with glitter, orange and yellow bugs half with glitter, and black and purple bats half with glitter.  Oh all of this was on clearance even!
I bought Megan a puzzle set in a wood storeage box made by Melissa and Doug. It holds four different puzzles. I got that for her for her Birthday on the 26th of this month. It was $24.99 but I had a coupon for 50% off.
I did buy one wood box to use as a future craft product but there was just one! I wanted to buy about ten of these for the boys to make Christmas gifts with. No one in the store knew where they were at or that they were on sale. I just happened to find one that I thought was the right size and it was. Now I need to find more for the kids.


  1. You sound like you truly are ejoying your time with these kids!!

    How did you make out last week at the dentist?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with all your future projects.