Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There are days.......

There are days when I know I would of been better off staying in bed. Today has been one of them. It i like I can feel a headache coming on and it is getting more and more close to becoming a stress cluster or a migrain. I have been knashing my teeth way to much today.
Breath in, breath out. Nice deep breaths Daphne. OK took a few breaths and can think now at least.
Same stuff with Robert as usual. Why he feels it is fine to lie I do not understand at all. Why he feels he can disobey and not have a consequience I do not understand. Oh wait yes I do but I am not going to say. At least the other person is finally backing me up now. I just wrote the behaviors down on the dry erase board and will let Dad handle it.
The one older boy that I watch has been telling a few more fibs as well. He is so much like Robert that at times I wonder what have I done. OK I adore the little brother so it makes it easier to handle the older one. I also know that this week is extra hard being as they are out early.
OK not alot to say just needed to say bleh to today.

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