Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Have a Lovely $1250.00 Crown!

OK it is not really that lovely and it is not something I would wish on anyone. I have a new crown in my mouth. I had to take Aleve *OK the generic version* when I got home. I have to be careful flossing for the next couple of days and can not chew gum for a couple of days as well. I do admit that it feels so much better then the tooth with the chip in it and the cavity at the gumline. Yes I know weird place for a cavity.
I hope now that my tongue can heal up being as there is no rough edge for it to play with now. I am still missing one back molar on the bottom right side. That will be next year that I take care of tht tooth being as that involves two crowns on the side teeth and then a screw into the jaw and another crown in the missing tooth spot. I go back in December for another crown on the lower left side. For now I am happy my teeth are cleaned and taken care of. No cavitites and I do have insurance so at least I can go to the dentist when I need to.
I had a few fillings done over the last 18 months, have kept up with getting my teeth cleaned and examed every six months, have gotten a front tooth fixed the right way that was chipped back in 2000, have got a temporary cap on the lower tooth that needs the crown in December. People take care of your teeth! It is a lot cheaper to pay for a tooth exam and cleaning then to have to start paying for crowns!
OK I love Aleve *naproxen* for tooth pain. It is the only thing that cuts the pain for me with my teeth. It also cuts the pain fast within 30 minutes. I had taken some Tylenol Migrain when I got out of the dental office and it wsa not touching the pain. I took my generic Aleve and within 15 minutes my gun and tooth were feeling better.


  1. Gotta love dental work! I just got my braces taken off and now have to wear this funny appliance in my mouth when i sleep, then...gerund.....of course I hit my mouth on something and cracked a molar! Good greif...I'm waiting leo to come home to hit him up the money to fix that one! HUGS TO YOU

  2. So can we call you Miss America?