Friday, October 2, 2009

My new toy

I was shopping today at Joanns picking up some crafts for Mathies when I found this. It was $19.99 and I had a coupon for 50% off! I bought some cheap baby color yarn to work with for now. Yea I was to cheap to buy the heavy duty stuff but I don't care it is practice! I will take a picture of what I have so far tomorrow afternoon. I am using the green circle being as I have a large head. Hubby said it was going to be way to big but hey I have a lot of hair to cover up!
I cashed my second paycheck today. I love making my own money and not having to beg hubby for cash that he/we don't have. I like to not feel guilty over buying a latte or buying a Knifty Knitter! I love having cash on me and in my checking account.
I need some assistance here please. Hubby is now on a low potasium diet. No red meat, no chicken, no fish. No broccoli, strawberries, dairy, tomato products, etc. What the heck do I make? I have a freezer full now of chicken, fish and venison as well as the no no vegetables. He is diabetic as well so how they say white rice? Well that is a no no for the diabetes! No ice cream and no cheese? Oh no and no olives! OK help me people! Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!


  1. When you see the title "My New Toy" you know you just HAVE to look!! Snicker snicker :P

  2. Look to asian cooking. A lot of it has none of what your hubby can't have. When I have time I will write out a few recipes for you. Also you can always substitute meat products for vegetarian meats or tofu and they do taste yummy. Tofu usually should be marinated first so they taste better. Again i will recipe a mariante for you later. Brown rice is delicious once you are able to get past the first month of eating it and after you find white rice not quite tasty. There are a variety of soups that can be made also.....check out an asian grocery store look for things like lemon grass, and sweet basil leaves....I will be happy to type out some recipes for you! HUGS