Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Garage Sales and Thrift Sales and Blogging and the FTC

Today I am going to Goodwill as well as to Value Village. I have money now that I can spend on the little things. This past summer was hard on me. I had to pay my 2 credit card bills with any money I was able to earn selling stuff. I was basically broke and did not even have garage sale money. I miss making good deals and blogging about them.
I heard yesterday that the FTC is going to require all bloggers who do reviews to state that they were *compensated* for the said review. We will now have to say where we got the product from, what they gave us for the review, etc. Now I think I always say that I was given such and such to try out and give my opinion. I have done many reviews for One2One for the CDs they have sent me. I make sure that I post that I got the *free* CD from One2one* for my review. I did the Wii game and told everyone what was in the pack sent to me including the $50 gift card. I also gave my honest opinion of the game. Part of my fun in these kind of reviews is getting the item for free and getting it as an early release. I like to let people KNOW that part of the deal. I think the FTC has to much time on their hands.
I am still amazed at all the stuff I have got to review for companies. I am honest and I will not say I liked an item if I didn't. I blogged that my Rock of Ages CD took a few times to listen before I really liked it. I also had to look at the background on the CD to be able to tolerate it at first. See I did not just say oh yea great sound go buy it! lol
I heard that Kamrt has an additional 50% off clearance toys. I also saw that all summer clearance clothing is $2.99. I will be headed there as soon as I am done blogging here. I am then off to Value Village and then to Goodwill. I still need to find some toys for the boys I am watching here.
I have a couple of items on Craigslist that I am interested in. One is a storeage bin that holds I think 12 plastic boxes. I need this for all the *daycare* items we have been using. The items are right now in my bedroom and in the livingroom. It is hard to tell what I have to use even.
I have a dental appointment today at 11:30 to get my back upper molar on the left hand side fixed. I will be getting the tempoary crown today. It is supposed to be a 90 minute appointment and will cost me over $600. Yea just what I want to do today! Hey it will be nice to have this tooth fixed after so many years.

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