Monday, October 12, 2009


OK I so need to get back to my regular blogging! It is hard to catch up with so much going on that I forget things.
Friday I took both the boys I watch along with a friend and her two kids to NW Trek. It is a cool place about 20 minutes from my house. We got to see two grizzly bears, two brown bears, coyotes, wolves, bob cats, cougars, bald eagles, owls, and so many more animals! There is a tram that you get to ride that allows you to see buffalo, mountain goats, deer, and more herbavores. All of the animals are native to the NW. There web site is I believe. There is a cafe there and a gift shop as well. I bought Christmas ornaments for me, the kids I watch and for my friend. I also bought two bars of a nice clean smelling soap and gave one to my friend.
OK I have gotten in on a new test for  Sensodyne® iso-active® Program. It is the new toothpaste for sensitive teeth and I have been wanting to try it for a few months now.
I also got my free EOS mint spear lip gloss. It is totally cool! If you can find them I would suggest buying one to try. I had the mint and now I want to try the other flavors. The shape is different and makes it easy to find in a purse.
I got me as well as Megan each a coupon for a free Chik-Fil-A Sandwich in the mail the other day.
Saturday the Fed Ex man dropped off my Yankee candle order. It was six candles that I adore. Two of the Baby Powder, two of the Vineyard and two of the Coconut Bay. I totally recomend the Vineyard as my favorite. It has a nice strong scent that will make you happy!
I have my box from House Party coming hopefully today. It has a lot of great items in it to try so I will post a picture when I get it.
At Goodwill last week I returned 3 games that Mathias decided he didn't want and was able to find him a yellow contstruction hat for .99 cents! He is just to cute in it.
I found a Yankee candle in Balsm Fir that was burnt for maybe an hour for $1.99.
I got a three year subscription to Town & Country magazine, 1 free year to Metropolitan Home magazine and a free year to Marie Claire magazine and a free year to Cosmopolitan magazine as well. When I am done reading the magazines I give them to a friend, who reads them and passes them on to a friend of hers, who reads them and then takes them on to her job at a retirement village! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!
OK I am off to the store to get some cat food being as Fraidy has been without food for over a day now. I am so mean to her I know!

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