Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am having so much fun watching the boys now. It does wear me out but it is good to feel wanted. Five year old boys are to funny and so full of love and pee and vinegar! I get *sugars* from Mathias *when you kiss the neck* and he giggles and acts like he hates it. So his brother said to say they were boogers so I said OK I don't like boogers so I wont get sugar boogers any more. I was worried he might of not liked it. So then he says oh thats ok they are sugars now!!!!
We play the game *I know you are but what am I? *A chicken.* *I know you are but what........ That game can go on for an hour! I am sure the Target customes hate me now.
Today we made pictures on my card stock. I have those foam stickers and foam houses. Mathias and I spent two hours making our masterpieces.
Tomorrow I have Andrew and Mathias for the day. Megan is staying home being as it is a short day and it is so hard to get her going in the morning. Well I am having Jason pick up those dry Chinese noodles for us. I am going to melt almond bark and then drop in the noodles. The boys get to take turns stiring the mess and then dropping it onto wax paper!
I am so thankful to God for having so much of my craft items not sell. It is what I am using now and having fun with it. I will try to take a picture of my little set up here that I have going. Tupperware is the best thing to organize supplies!
I am slowly buying a toy here and there for the kids to play with. I found an elefun game that shoots butterflies into the air and the kids catch them in little nets. Mathias loves it and I am sure Andrew will tomorrow as well. It looks brand new as if it was never played with! Robert had that game years ago and we gave it to Goodwill. Ironic that years later I have to buy one again! I am hoping to buy a Mr. Potato Head this weekend. Actually I want to buy two of them so Mathias and either me or Andrew can play as well.
I took the kids to Dollar Tree today and let both of them pick out a prize. I am thinking that maybe babysitters are not supposed to spend money on the kids they watch! It isn't a lot and they are always grateful and have wonderful manners when they get a treat or anything.
I am done shopping for Megans Birthday party for school. I bought a 20 pack of small play dough at Big Lotsand with the candy I have it will be a nice and fun 18th birthday for her and her classmates. Mathias is going to go with us as well and it is also his birthday! I want to pick up some cookies for the kids and bring some frosting as well for them to decorate with.
I did find out today that starting next month SSI will be paying Megan money again. They will keep half of what she is eligible for but we still end of with around $350 a month in the end. I also have paperwork that I am filling out tht will allow me to get paid for caring for Megan as well. Thank you Lord Jesus for supplying the much need finances to keep going and losing some stress!
Keep Jason ande Robert in your thoughts and prayers as they are going hunting and camping this weekend. I will be alone with Megan all weekend! I am having pizza tomorrow! OK I guess Saturday being as I have my ladies night out tomorrow. I have to bring Megan with me but that will be OK and give me a reason to leave early!

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  1. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I love that you're doing so many crafts with the boys. Boys enjoy that just as much as girls, but I've found my boys need things more simple than my girls ever did. All the same, have fun!