Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Evening

Well this was going to be a nice quiet weekend with the guys off hunting nd camping. I was going to go shopping with Megan and buy her sme new shoes and leggings. We ended up staying home due to the rain and cold.
I did some house cleaning but Megan was super clingy to me. We ended up sitting in my chair together most of the day. She had one grand mal seizure and then laid down in her room for a while. I guess she got revfived being as she was up until after midnight last night then. I finally put her in bed and shut off the light and put up the safety gate.
Today we both slept in way to late. I got up and did our morning routine and then we went to Safeway to buy a Sunday paper. Megan was super happy and playful and it was fun to see. e were headed up to pay for the newpaper when she had a grand mal in the store. I had to lay her down and wait for te seizure to pass.
It was hard to watch her in the store with people able to see what happens. Today we were blessed with very nice and concerned people asking if they could call someone or if we needed help. I thanked everyone and explained the situation and that we would be fine. One lady went and got me some napkins for Megans drool. A few stayed to make sure we were OK and that I was able to get Megan up and stuff. Thank you Lord for sendig the sweet people today.
We got home and Megan went to bed for about an hour. It gave me time to straighten up a few more things before she got up again. I was cutting out my coupons and Megan wantd to sit on my lap and cuddle again. I had her sit on the other couch being as I was almost done. After about five minutes she had her second grand mal of the day. She is wore out now and laying down on the couch with a blanket covering her up.
I am trying to keep cleaning and be quiet at the same time. Not easy to do when you need to vacuum! I am glad I got as much done as I have and will finish up tomorrow when Megan is in school. I have a box of stuff to put on freecycle again. I am giving it until Friday to get picked up and then off to Goodwill it goes.

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  1. Awww, big hugs to you both. Sounds like a rough day. I hope tomorrow is better.