Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

There are lots of ways to save money and have fun at the same time. One thing I have found is buying books at the Dollar Tree. I just finished reading Moon Pies and Movie Stars by Amy Wallen. It was a wonderful read! I was laughing in so many parts of the book, would read until 1 AM a couple of nights, and had a blast remembering the 70s! Miss Amy Wallen is superb at painting a picture in you mind with her words, I know just what the bowling alley looks like and smells like through her words.
I know save more money by getting a book at the library but there is just something in me that loves to own books. A Kindle is not for me I love the feel of there pages as I turn them and the smell of the ink, I love knowing that this book is MINE! Mine, mine, mine, MINE!
I adore going to the Dollar Tree. There is always something new and exciting to find. It is like a treasure hunt on a budget. Go ahead and take $10.00 or even $5.00 and see what jewels you can find.
Look in the frozen food section while you are there. I am addicted to the Garlic Texas Toast. The local grocery stores are selling it for over $3.00 here, yet I can buy a box for just $1.00 at Dollar Tree.
Some of my families favorite snacks are from the Dollar Tree. I bought fruit and granola bars a few years ago there and found out how much we all love them. Oh and when they have buddy bars in stock! Oh yea baby I love them.
Now and then Dollar Tree will get items in that are discontinued every where else. SCORE when you find that elusive item that is a must have. I was given a small bottle of perfume from my Aunt Shelia a few years ago. I forget the name now but I loved it. I had no idea it was from the Dollar Tree until she told me and I saw it there myself. When they get expensive name brand items in it is so fun to buy them for so much cheaper then they were.
OK I know I got off track. I love Dollar Tree and have fun when I go!


  1. Hey you!!

    Just wanted to say great seeing some new blogs! Miss keeping up on all you guys thru 360

  2. I nominated you for a blog award, Daphne. Check my blog for details! :)