Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Life Happy Wife??

Yea as if I want to keep with the busyness. What has been going on in my life to keep me from posting?
I have gone to court to vouch for V and I offered to be a temporary foster parent for Kia. It will be temporary and will allow Kia to stay safe and not be placed into the foster care system.
I also said I would do supervised visitations for V and Mathias every other weekend for five hours Saturday and five hours on Sunday. It is hard to remember that I have to keep that time zone opened and make no plans.
This past Saturday I had CASA and the Social worker here to do a walk through of the house. I have to say the CASA worker did not impress me at all. I have yet to be impressed by CASA.
Kia has to have his own bedroom *why do they have to have their own bedroom* which is fine we have a spare room. I will be putting Robert in the spare room and Kia in Roberts room. Casa saw the gun cabinet in the spare room and freaked out! Oh that isbad, bad , bad, OhhhhHHHHHhh baddddd. LOL yea we have guns for hunting and oh my pistols to boot.
I really had to bite my lip to not pop off with the answers I wanted to give to the stupid questions I was asked. { What will you do when Kia ask for a cell phone?} { What will you use as discipline} I said tell him when he works and can afford his own cell phone he can have one. I also said it depends on what the infraction was being as different acts will have different disciplines. I gave a few examples and she just grinned at me and said he wont care. I said OK what do YOU suggest. She shut up and had no idea what to say then. Yea I can play the smart alec game to Casa do not tick me off. I am doing a favor I am not going to be treated like an idiot.
OK anyhow we are working on having Kia here within the next two weeks. Transistioning him here over Spring break. At times I wonder why I am doing this but I know deep in my heart God was telling me I needed to. Just the thought of this child going into foster care breaks my heart, and knowing he is feeling so unloved and unwanted really hurts.
I have been having a lot of issues with my hernia. I have to baby it so much right now but I am trying to hold out for my insurance to kick in. I know it needs to be taken care of ASAP but I just have to wait it out a bit nore. I can feel it tear a bit now and then and it really does scare me. No lectures on getting in to have it done I simply do not have the money for it. If it breaks and I go to ER at least they have to take care of me with no money up front!Insurance should be in affect in 6 weeks! I have to make a call and find out more about it. Oh I am also looking for a beltg thing that will hold it all in for the time being. It is amazing how much slimmer I am when the dang thing is not popping out.
OK now that I wrote a novel I will close!

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