Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Target and Walmart Deals

I love these photo boxes for so many things. I thing they are perfect for storing anything in for the most part. I bought three of these for $1.25 each at Target. Right now I am using one for my coupons that I just clipped out. I store hair pretties in these, small toys, etc.

As some of you know I know have a table cloth fetish. I love table cloths! These have become my favorite way to decorate on the cheap. I bought this tanish one and the greenish one it is sitting on on clearance at Target for $1.49 each I believe. They are a simple design but are vinal and so easy to wash! Being as the kids somehow keep cutting my table cloths this is a cheap way to protect the table top and have fun with colors.

I have fun dressing Megan. She is going to wear this outfit tomorrow to school. She will have a pair of black leggings on under the skirt in case you were wondering. :)

OK I got these skirts on clearance at Walmart for $5.00 each. I love putting Megan in skirts over her leggings. These came with black tights even.

This was on clearance at Walmart for .75 cents. How adorable is this paired with the plaid skirt?!!

Shhhh I got this for my secret sister at church! It cost me .75 cents and was $15.00 originally. You push the paw and it says cute lil sayings.

The cups were on clearance for 10 cents each at Walmart. There is 5 in a set. Megan will just drink out of this style of cup lately. I bought 14 sets of cups and paid $1.40 and one set is normally $1.50!

This is the confetti stuff that you put in gift bags. There is also some red celephane *sp* to wrap with in the same pack. I got these on clearance for 10 cents each.

OK yes I bought 54 gift bags from Walmart. They each have tissue paper included in them. I paid 10 cents for each bag! I love to give ot little gifts and now I can have cute bags to go along with it!

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