Monday, January 30, 2012

YES! Look at how green the grass is and how lush and thick and beautiful! I honestly miss spring and summer more this year then I have ever before. I thought I would post a lovely picture of summer on my blog to remind us all of how lovely summer is.
I have been cleaning out my closet like mad. I am bringing my clothing that I tossed to the clothing bank in town. I am embarrassed at how many bags I have already. There was no reason to have accumulated as many articles of clothing as I did. I also seem to wear the same items over and over. I will take a picture of all the bags of clothing before I donate them. I admit I had clothing that it to small for me that still had the tags on them. I was going to try and sell them but I have tried and I tore the sale tags off and tossed them. At least someone else wont be able to try and resale the item as NWT. Childish I know but that is me!
I will not toss any of my shoes being as I love high heels and dressing up. Even if it is just for church.
My best friend Jo will be coming home from her winter in Arizona the first week in April and we usually do lunch once a week. I am going to try and go to the better restaurants where we will have to dress up at least once a month. I am talking dresses or skirts, nylons, heels, make up, etc!
I am hoping to finish the closet tomorrow and then start on my dresser. I have panties that I have not worn in years but always thought I will be back into them. I wear a 9/10 in panties and these are a size 7. So yeah I will be donating them as well. OK before you say gross these are new panties that were never worn. Hubby bought them for me not knowing what size I wore or what style I liked let alone the color. OK I hate tan panties! When I get back into the size 7 panties I will buy new panties in nice pretty colors!
In the dresser I have swimming suits, and shorts, heck not sure what all is in the dresser. Well i will be donating what does not fit me or is more then 2 sizes to small for me.
I need to find a way to earn money. I am trying to think what I can sell on Etsy. I know there has to be some craftiness in me somewhere. I need to check out ways to sell clothing online that works. Adult clothing cost to much to ship but baby clothing is cheap to ship. I buy cheap and forget I have stuff and then it is to small for who I bought it for. *sigh*.

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