Wednesday, February 1, 2012


OK I have a huge complaint. I was watching Nate Burkas today and they did a make over. The lady was average at worst. She was not ugly at all. I think she complained about dowdy? She was a young mama and was adorable before the makeover. What I want to know is when is someone going to do a make over one someone like me? I am ugly and always have been. The older I get the uglier I get. I would love for someone to do a professional make over on me and have me be average looking.
I have always known that from I think sixth grade on that I was ugly. I always had friends that were cute, pretty and beautiful. I had a few that were average or ordinary looking. I think they were more of a personality that made them average or ordinary.
I want to be made pretty. I want to look into a mirror and not want to burst into tears at who is looking back at me. I want to be proud of what I look like. I know people say beauty comes from within. I am sorry but that is BS to a person that is ugly.
I have a great personality, I am lovable, friendly, helpful, yadda, yadda, yadda. That does not show through on the outside. When people see me they see ugliness. I am good at ignoring my looks and acting as if they do not bug me. Yet when I go out in public and see how pretty, or pleasant, sweet, cute, adorable or whatever word you want to use everyone else is, I want to scratch up my face some days.
I am not sure if anyone understands what I am talking about. Maybe I am just having a pity party. I just want to see a make over done on a hopeless looking person that turns out beautiful after the make over. Heck like I said even a makeover that shows the person average in the end.

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