Monday, January 16, 2012

This is what I made for dinner yesterday. It was done in the crock pot and was delicious and healthy to boot. Oh and it was very easy to make which makes it a win, win, win recipe for me. There is potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and 2 cans of chicken broth in this. Some salt and pepper to taste. I forgot to add the flour to thicken it but it was still delicious. I do think that I prefer the creamy version of potato soup better though.
Megan took another fall into the wall and split her brow area again. there is also a huge hole in the wall where she hit. i am doing this blog and then going to go lay down with her for the night and read in bed. I hate these seizures and all of her falls. This beautiful little girl *yes she is 20 but she is always my little girl* has bruises all over her body non stop. She looks like she was beat up half the time.
I am going to start making daily list of what I need to do and keep it in a notebook. This way I will be able to see what I did accomplish each day and what I need to get done and what I always forget to do.
Tomorrow the kids here are on a two hour delay due to the weather. Depending on what channel or the time we are going to get between two to six inches of snow tonight through tomorrow and then another two to six inches on Wednesday. I think we will have slush that turns into ice. If we get a winter wonderland I will post lost of pictures.
I am seeing a chiropractor now for ten visits and then I have to pay for my visits over and above my co-pay. I still have the one spot in my back that wont pop but I want it to pop it always hurts and aches. I had X-rays done and i do have degenerative arthritis through out my body. I also have thinning of something at my hips and the Dr. thinks I will have issues in ten years that will cause me trouble. Hey ten years is still ten years away!
I also have a hearing test scheduled for February 4th I think it is. If there is talking going on around me and other noise I can not understand what is being said most the time. With accents I am having a super hard time understanding what is said. I can be watching television and hubby will talk to me and I do not understand what hubby has asked me and have to continually say huh?
OK what else? I have been cleaning out stuff again and made a huge dent of the mess in my bedroom. I still have more to do but I am getting going in the right direction at least. i need to work on one area and finish that and not worry about other areas.
Well i am getting tired and thinking bed sounds pretty good right about now. XOXOXO Daphne

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