Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday At My House

This is what I have been dealing with these last few days. Well the snow and ice and rain and wind oh and no power to boot! I am sad to say that this cute tree did not make it through the storm. It was the nicest tree in this neighborhood but now it is history save for the trunk.
OK I am still working on clearing out stuff that I do not need, use, want, wear, etc.
I donated all of my card making supplies to my friend from church being as she makes cards for our amazing soldiers. I figured it was better to donate it to a good cause then to try and sell the stuff at a huge loss to me and still need supplies for the card making supplies. It was hard to tell them good bye being as I always planned to get back into making them but never do.
I went through my closet after an argument with hubby over my large amount of stuff and I tossed 4/5th of my clothing. Most of the clothing is to small for me or I just did not like what I had in the closet. Some was given to me by a friend but it was just not my style. I figure if the clothing was a size 16 and here I am at a fat size 24 then why keep it any longer? I am going to go through the clothing one more time before I donate it to the clothing back just to be sure being as i was very upset when I pulled most my clothing off of hangers.
I am also donating a lot of stuff for our ladies night out this Friday. I hate to dust and the more stuff I have the more I have to dust. So I have gathered a few things around my house that are new or almost new just not needed and figured that someone else can be blessed by them! Let me tell you that there are going to be a lot of prizes this Friday night at our ladies night out!
OK so what have I gave away you might ask? I gave away my fish tank and stand, my card making supplies in the cart that held them all, my lava lamp, all of my cat supplies, I sold or gave away 3 book cases, numerous kitchen goodies, all of the VHS tapes, and 4 large boxes of clothing and Megan's and hubbies and various other kid items. I also have a large box of towels that will be going into the garage to be used as rags and tossed! I bought new towels and will use them and the few other towels that  have that are in great shape. Or I might return the new towels I bought and just make sure that the towels left are the ones that do not have that funky smell that towels pick up so easily.
I am going to go through the bedding and cut back on what we have. I am picky on the sheets I sleep on so if they have the burrs I will donate them. My favorite sheet has a tear or two in them from getting caught on stuff so I have to toss it. I will toss the top sheet as well with it. I usually just use the fitted sheets on my bed and sleep with a comforter on me. Megan sleeps like that and so does hubby and the boy. I was told that fitted sheets and a comforter will be on clearance for 50% off tomorrow so I might go check them out and see what is available. I am also going to donate my leopard comforter being as it has burrs now from over use. Well maybe not being as I do love that comforter and how cool it looks in my bedroom.
OK that is all I have to say for now hope you all are safe and warm tonight. XOXOXO

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