Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wow I Need To Blog!

Where does time go? The older I get the faster time seems to fly by me. How can I be 47 already? It seems just yesterday I was 35 and just before that I was 21 and I was 16 just a few days before that.
My life has had good days and bad days like most of us have. I have had a few friends pass on to heaven and even though my heart aches with their passing my heart also beats in happiness knowing that they are no longer in pain, or lonely, or whatever was wrong at the time. They are now walking with angels!
Tomorrow I have a memorial service for a wonderful gentleman who passed away on Christmas. He was a wonderful Christian and knew the bible better then anyone I know. He played the violin so beautifully it would bring tears to my eyes. His wife Miss Donna and him *Brother Chuck* spent the last of his days together in prayer and reading the bible together. What a shinning example of love and courage they were! My prayers go to Miss Donna as she now must travel this journey without he beloved husband. I know she will shed tears but that she is also blessed by her husbands passing and will have her sweet smiles again for everyone and her beautiful love for us all will shine!

I also had to have my cat Fraidy put to sleep. She was just not happy unless she was right with me 24/7 it seems. She was always meowing for me if I was out of site, was always hungry but did not want to eat and she was always jumping onto the counters, the table and even the cabinet one time. I still miss Fraidy and even though it has been 2 months since she passed I am once again crying at her passing. I want to get another cat to love on but with hubby's allergies to cats and his dislike of cats I am not going to try for awhile to get one. I will admit I do not miss having to clean the cat box out or the smell from the urine. it is nice to walk into the house and smell clean. However just look what a sweetheart Fraidy is in this picture!

OK I am going to go to bed but I promise I will be posting regular daily blogs once again.

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