Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Fever

Even with the talk of possible snow and with our rain showers and wind storms I want to start a garden. I am going to move the plants on the kitchen window sill and start from seedlings. I have quite a few seeds and would love to have a great start for spring. I am going to get my tomato seeds and my cat nips seeds going tomorrow.
I think most of my garden is going to be in containers. The pictures I posted are what I am hoping for in my own containers. I mean carrots and tomato's and all of that! So does anyone have any ideas on what is great in pots? I had wanted to do this last year but with my health issues I just never got around to it. Jason is getting frustrated with how bad the yard and back porch is and is saying he is going to start throwing stuff away. I am going to get it all fixed up before he gets to.

I have slowly but surely been getting the house in order and it is making him happy when he sees that I am trying. I wish I had more energy then I do but it is getting better. I need to get my sleep back on schedule so I can wake up earlier and get stuff done.

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