Monday, February 21, 2011

First off a fun picture of my and on of my besties from graduation June 1982
OK I have been reading the book *The Cause Within You* and I feel God wants me to take care of kids. It is the one thing I am good at and I love to do. I know that through things in my life that I was not blessed with, allowed me in the long run to take care of Megan.

I am a former foster mom of teenage girls from residential homes. One of the girls just came back to the Seattle area from a homeless shelter in Kansas. She has a 7 month old baby. She has an IQ of 79, has mental health issues and some severe arthritis. We are in need of a high chair, umbrella stroller, and a crib and diapers. She is living with a friend from highscool at the moment but may lose this place on Friday the 25. I have not been able to find other housing for her.

She is receiving food stamp, Tannif, Wic and I was able to get her medical coupons. The best situation would be in a home where someone could help her with the baby. I believe she receives $350 from Tannif that could be used for rent and utilities.

I am not saying this new girl and her baby are the right choice for me but it is funny how I am reading this book and asking God what my cause is and feeling like taking care of those that no one wants is what he has chosen for me. I am going to go to bed and pray about this when I go.

I hate the thought of a 17 year old being on her own with special needs and trying to care for a baby as well. The mental issues scare me because I have to protect Megan. If I feel this is my life's direction it will mean
moving Robert to the spare room and fixing his room up for whoever God blesses me with. Please pray about this for me and hope the Lord sees fit to let me know what to do.

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  1. Good luck, Daphne. It takes a special kind of person to do that sort of work. God bless!