Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Megan and My Gagability

Gah, gah, gah, ulah. whoosh. That is what I got to hear last night. Just as I was shutting everything off to go to bed. No not the dog or the cat but Megan. I had been so happy that I got her to eat yesterday and the boom all gone.
I honestly want to know how in the world can a child who is laying on the couch that is covered by two large pads, a long towel that covers the arm rest and pads, as well as a blanket can cover the couch cushion with *leftovers*? Talk about a nasty mess to clean up. Pizza hut is not better the second time around.
I am not sure if Megan over ate, might of gagged on a pill or had a flu bug or what. I just know she does not need to lose anymore weight. I got her to her bed and thought I was going to get to sleep in my own bed. I got worried hearing her move around and not able to tell if she was up so I ended up saying by by to hubby and went to sleep with her. I could of brought her to my bed but I can not take a chance that she would get him sick to.
It was a restless night again for us. She wanted to hold onto me and have her face on mine. Well normally this is OK but eww she had barf chunks in her hair still! I mean I cleaned her up the best I could but I could still smell it. I really, really and I mean really hate that smell. Just writing about it I can smell it again.
I wish I could take a picture of her legs and show how bruised up she is from falls. It is insane how black and blue she can get. With the recent falls last week she has quite a few. It is hard to put her in dresses and shorts in the spring and summer looking like this. I also hate the looks I get from strangers who see the bruises and wonder if I did it. I have had to explain many times to a doctor why she has a bruise here or there.
I love her to pieces even when she smells like barf she is still my princess. She did get a long bubble bath today and her hair washed really well. Yes she smells nice and clean and like my sweet angel once again.

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