Saturday, February 12, 2011

Agape Dinner

I went to the Agape dinner tonight with Jason and we had Robert stay home with Megan. The dinner was so much fun. I love time out with hubby and to add in other adults? How fun can that be!
Megan has been doing a lot better these last few days. She is not sleeping as much as before and she does have a decent appetite. I might not like what she likes to eat but hey calories are calories right now. Her favorite thing other then McDonald's right now is sour cream and onion chips dipped in spinach dip. Oh and she is also drinking really well as well.
This morning Jason, Megan and I all slept in. I didn't want to get up and was cold and Megan was nice and warm. I then noticed she was very wet. Gah! Yes she was soaking the bed as well. I got up and took her to her room to change her. As I am taking off the diaper she pees some more, OK now the diaper is floating with pee and it is ready to run all over me. UHG. I am almost there and she has a bowel movement. Wow I have been up 5 minutes and have been peed on and pooped on.
I will be taking Megan with us to church tomorrow and I want to dress her up all cute and such. I am thinking her fancy blue dress and her dark tights. Might do the rub red slippers as well. Hope to remember to do a fancy hair style to boot.
I have been making progress on my house. The pantry is almost done. I do not have as much food as I thought I did. I think I have the top side shelf left is all. There is any food in that section there is just a few odds and ends that belong in the cleaning closet. Oh yea if I had one that is.

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