Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cause Within You book review

Pastor Mathew Barnett feels that we all have a cause within ourselves if and when we listen to God. He teaches us ways to learn to listen to what God is telling us our cause is and not what we want to tell God that our cause is. We get to see and understand how to prepare for our cause and how to use our own life experiences for our cause. We learn how to believe in our cause after things don't go as we expect and finally how to experience the rewards of our cause.
This book was amazing. Hearing how he went to the slums in LA to start the Dream Center and reach out to those that society had gave up on. Spending the night on the streets of LA's skid row as a homeless person so he could experience what they go through was heart breaking in his frankness of the telling of his story.
Members of the Dream Center tell their own personal stories about how they came to be saved and in turn work in the Dream Center and help others now. Hearing team member's Alfred's testimony about when he was approached by a grandma who just walked up to him and started to talk to him. He was fresh out of jail was a mean looking guy, had lived a rough life, was into drugs and gangs. Yet he says this elderly grandma with her dazzling smile and beautiful blue eyes was able to reach out to him!
There are so many stories in this book where people are sharing their salvation and then their cause and how it carries on to another person and another. A lady with a special needs daughter who finds her cause in caring for other special needs and terminal babies. She takes this on even though she is met with naysayers along the way including her husband. How many people have the love and trust inside of them to take in the care of a baby who is terminal? She trusted God even though she felt not ready to do it. She had the love of God to take care of these precious gifts to give them a real life no matter how short it was.
There is so much more to this book I think it should be a must read for every person. I grew closer to the Lord while reading this and now I am on my own personal search to find my cause from within from God.
I received a copy of this book from the Tynedale Media Center for my review.

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