Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Healing is Boring

OK I am bored out of my mind now. I can not drive until the weekend and then only if I am off the pain pills. I took two last night at 11ish and then did not have any until 3:30 today. I should of taken them sooner I was a bit to sore.
I go Friday and get the drain tube taken out. I will be much happier when it is out. Having that tube hanging down is not comfortable and it pulls on the skin when it drops. It is also gross seeing stuff draining out of your side.
Now that the hernia is repaired I am looking at having a hysterectomy. I have an appointment for an ultra sound and an appointment with the OB-GYN in a couple of weeks. I still need to make the appointment for the mammogram.
I am going to make another general appointment to get some skin tags removed and to look into a diet plan. I know the insurance pays part of some programs and they let you work with a dietitian as well. I am going to use the benefits to the best of my advantage.
Just think how much healthier I will be next summer if all goes as planned? No hernia, no female issues causing me to be anemic, weight loss going full force...... I will be kicking it high time!

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