Friday, October 22, 2010


OK it seems as if each time a door opens another one closes. I know the saying is the other way but here it is reversed. I have an income now and insurance and now hubby has his hours cut down to 24 hours a week from 40 and he will end up losing his insurance. He has diabetes and he honestly needs insurance.
I am thankful that I have insurance and had my hernia surgery. I have Doctor appointments set up and MRI as well. I love that I can get sick and be covered now. I just worry about hubby.
Megan is having a rough time right now. She is making life hard on all of us but especially me. She has taken to hitting me and scratching me as well as cussing at me. She now screams F U all the time. It is getting hard to go to the store with her and not have people stare. She was even yelling this at church. *sigh*
I did have a dream last night. Megan was verbal and could hold conversations like you and me. She started with her FUs and then went to 2 word sentences and then more and more. I was talking to her having a regular conversation and it was so fun.
Oh thought I would post a new picture of Mali in her cute new dress. I love to dress her up and she will so far let me!

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