Friday, December 11, 2009

Sensodyne Iso Active Toothpaste review

I was asked by Shespeaks to try this tooth paste and review it. I am a suffered of super sensitive teeth and have ried all the tooth paste out there for this. Most of them did nothing to help my teeth and some had such a horrible tate I could not use them
I love this tooth paste to be honest. The first time I used it my thought was *Wow I feel like I just walked out of the dentist office for my cleaning!* I am not sure how to describe the taste. It is a bit like an Altoid flavor that burst into your mouth.
There is a lovely gentle foaming action that reaches all those hard to reach areas of your mouth and is a pleasant surprise to the normal paste I have been using. I also love the stand up container and pump action.
The Snesodyne Iso Active Tooth paste  came at a perfect time. I was suffering with two teeth that were getting crowns and one of those teeth was getting a root canal. My mouth was on high alert to anything cold or hot or sweet. After using this tooth paste for two weeks I was happy with how much better my teeth were doing. I was albe to brush them after my root canal and after both crowns. WIth my root canal my mouth was super infected and my jaw was all swollen as well as my face. The Sensodyne Iso Active tooth paste was easy to use and the foaming action cleaned the back pat of my mouth where it was even more tender.
If there was one draw back it is thatthe tooth paste glumps up at the opening a bit. It is easy to flcik off and not a bother to me nor a deturant to buying and using this paste again. I love it and give it five stars!

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  1. I also have an issue with sensitivity. My dentist had given me a sample of the regular Sensodyne quite some time back and ewwwwww the taste!!