Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goodwill Bargains

I am so thankful yesterday is over. It was non stop running for me it seemed. I did love Goodwill and I got a few great items at least.
The SSI appointment took over 90 minutes and Megan does not do well in small confined places for much time at all. She was squirming and getting very agitated after a short while. We have to wait and see if her payment goes up or down. I have some paperwork have to drop off this week and then we should be done with them for now.

This box of ornaments is going to be a craft project for the kids next week. I have been looking at the stores and these are so expensive to buy brand new. We are going to put paint inside of them and swirl them around to make cool colors! I will take pictures of the kids with them when we are done. Oh and I paid .99 cents for the box of these!
This was also 99 cents and is a cool looking box of older lights like icecicles. There are in pretty pastle type of colors. I am going to put them on my miniture tree or around the fire place mantle. I will post pictures of them when I decide where.

I love these table cloths now. It wasyes you guessed it 99 cents at Goodwill. I am in love with snowmen and have pretty much deleted all my Santa stuff. I love having the table covered so that when the kids make a mess it is easy to clean off and does not stain the table.
Yes I paid 99 cents once again for this new set of snowmen candles in the tins. I am going to use these as part of a Christmas gift. It is simple and very cute. I am not sure who is getting it but there will be more to go along with it. I just love new things to give at great prices.

Megan will just drink out of shot glasses for some odd reason. Part of her disability I guess. I found this shot glass from Rainforest Cafe, where I used to work at, and it was just .49 cents!  I am going to wash it up and put it in her stocking from Santa!

I think this was the best deal of my day. I love light houses and if you remember I have the set of Thomas Kincade light houses on my fireplace mantle along with a copper musical light house. I was able to get this yesterday at the same Goodwill for just .99 cents! I was so excited when I plugged it in and it worked. I would of bought it even if it did not work being as that is an easy fix.


  1. Woohooo on your bargains! The table cloth is adorable! Like you, I am in love with snowmen. The good thing about them is after Christmas is over, you can still leave snowmen decorations out while if it is Santa, you have to put them away much earlier.

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