Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh My Gosh!!

I had to go to town today to drop off some paperwork and to exchange gifts with a friend. I stopped off at JCPennys being as I had a coupon for $10.00 a $10.00 purchase. I bought Megan some leopard print leggings and an adorable Christmas dress. It is green crushed velvet on top with long sleaves and the bottom is an adorable plaid print. There is also the material that is like in tu tus that puffs the bottom out a bit. When I say totally adorable I mean it! I was originally $59.99 on for 50% off making it $29.99. I then had the coupon for $10.00 off and thenhad a friends bonus coupon for an extra 15% off! I will take pictures of Megan when she puts it on for Chruch tonight and at my brothers tomorrow.
I have to go make some fudge and hope to get in a quick nap being as sleep was impossible for me last night. Feet were cramping up and then my legs. It was 4AM when hubby feltbad for me andwas rubbing my legs and feet and back for me. Awwww what a sweet heart he was!

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  1. Megan will look adorable in that cute! Good shopping...meanie