Monday, December 14, 2009

My Life is Spinning Out of Control

I knew today was going to be a busy day for me. I was laying in bed last night with my mind going in a zillion different directions. Maybe make that a bazillion different ways.
School today was a two hour late start due to the weather. OK that part was cool I got to sleep in a bit longer qan Megan needed her beauty sleep as well. Megan had a night where she did not want to go to sleep. I think it was after midnight when she finally  settled down. SHe also had to sleep with Jason and me to keep her in bed and not up and wandering.
I got Megan to school being as she did not want to move even with the last start. I got her to school and rushed home to make phone calls. It is now almost four PM and I have more calls to make. I have been on the phone making calls and eing transfered from person to person for the last five hours now!
I have got most of my calls for today made at least so that is a blessing. Last night was another blessing with the Sunday night service at church. It was all singing and bell choir and beautiful. I will post a video of it later on. I was brought to tears with the final song and I just let the tears wash my face. I was not ashamed of them it was just so beautiful.

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