Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!

OK after thinking I was going to sleep in I braved the crowds! I left my hose at 3:30 and was in the mall parking lot at 3:45. Wait what is this there is no line outside JCPenny's? Did I get y opening times wrong? Am I not going to get my snow globe? NooooooOOOOOooo!!! I asked and they said they opened up at 3:30 being as there was such a crwod outside. Oh my how people did complain when they heard that. Why complain I mean you got the snow globe,the lines were short, nothing was out of stock that I could tell, they had lots of help out on the floor....  I walked right into to JCPenny's and got my snow globe and did some shopping. I bought Megan two pairs of leggings and two adorable sweaters there. I also got two snowglobes by being a bit sneaky.  
I then decided to brave Target. There was a puffer vest I wanted for Megan and some DVD's on sale. I was able to get a load of DVD's that I wanted and Megan a vest and me a matching vest!
I also found a cell phone charger to use in the house that is a 9 volt car converted charger. Basically it is an adapter that you plug into the house socket and then use your car charger to charge the cell. We are down to one house charger here now thanks to Robert breaking two of our's for whatever reason. Jason has the third charger with him in WV.
I was in line for oh my who knows how long there. It was a total mad house and they had the worst assistance on the floor. No one knew where the line ended at nor was willing to help find it. I literally asked like 5 employees and they all said they didn't know that they were working on it. OK then move and find out where! I did have fun talking to the ladies in line there. I was giggling at some that were freaking out and getting mad at the lines and shoppers. OK I get the giggles it is not a good thing. :)
I saw that there was a Staples in the same parking lot and headed over there. I stood in line for an hour just to buy a new Norton 360 for the computers at home. After my rebate it will cost me $9.99. I admit I had a blast in line there. It is easy to stand in line when everyone is joking and friendly. I talked to a lady about Megan and her special needs, she also talked about her son with special needs and her BIL. The couple behind us just bought a new house and were getting stuff for the house today.
I then was on my way to Starbucks for my caffine fix and as I was paying Robert called to see where I was. I said on my way home and he said cool that he and Megan had just got up. Shoot and I was wanting to sneakl in a long nap! I got hone and watched Santa Paws *it is adorable*! I kept falling asleep on the last 10 mintes so when it was over and a new movie was started I told Robert he needed to watch Megan while the DVD was on and I had to take a short nap. His gf and her sister were over so it was nice to have three sets of eyes on Megan. Oh blessed naps how I do adore them!


  1. Glad you got out alive!! I heard those sales can be nuts down there the day after your Thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds like you found a lot of good deals!