Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life Always is Interesting and Changing

I really am not sure how to word this. The two brothers I have been watching have been put into protective custody as of Friday. Two cops and a CPS worker came to my house and took Mathias away. The Mom is still trying to get answers and find out what happened. SHe is not being told much and has been getting the run around from CPS and the Orting Cops. I have stated in other blogs how the older brother tells stories that grow and grow I believe so you will know what I mean. I wont go into specifics but worse case senerio if the Mom had grabbed the boy and brusied his arm and had kicked him out of the house for a while they need to find out why she did. I even know for a fact that he was not outside all night being as his brother told em the whole story before all this went down. I asked oh did he stay outside all night and Mathias said no he came back a little bit later I think he went to a neighbors house. Zekiah had pushed Mathias's head into a bookcase and would not settle down is when the Mom finally said to go outside until you can behave. The older boy also recorded the mom yelling at him when she was fed up and that is what they are basing teir information on. No one has come to talk to me yet about what I know even. They hve notg even contacted the other CPS worker that out the other day and TOLD me that Zekiah does embelish his stories from moment to moment that is did grow in details even when he told him the same story it changed a lt to get more *interesting*.
Jason will be leaving to go to WV in 10 days. He will be gone for two weeks so it will be rough on me here. He keeps saying he isn't going being as the boy and I do noget along so I have done everything myself this last week, I did asked the boy today to go check te mail and if he di not want to that was OK I would do it. He went and checked it before I realized it did not run today lol. I want Jason to go hunting and bag me some Bambi meat! I even told the shrink and Jason that I will not say a bad thing against Robert being as Jason needs to go.
OK how do I get over my missing Mathias? I know I was just his *baby sitter* but he was with me five days a week from 10 to 12 hours a day. He is a part of me and I have cried so much over not having him with me. There is no way I could be a foster parent being as I do get attached to kids to easily. So is that good or bad? I am afraid to watch more kids and get attached to them now. I am not like a crazy attached person but they become part of my life and family as much as they were here. Zekiha I am angry with for his lies but I miss him as well and our goofing off time together.
Oh te othr fun thing is we are being audited. I have a ton of paperwork to work on but Jason will have the appointment next Thursday. It is supposed to run about 4 to 5 hours. I have to do the last three years of paperwork for Medical, and for business vehicle useage. Keep us in your prayers that it turns out alright being as a friend did the paperwork for us and I did not understand how it turned out even back then,
Last thing is I have my dental appointment tomorrow at 11:30. I still have some if the infection going so I hope tomorrow he will clear the rest of it up. I hope he is able to finish up the root canal and get the crown mold done and the cap on.

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