Monday, November 2, 2009

Mouth is so much better!

I can open my mouth wider finally! Most of the swelling is gone and no more fever as well. I am still having pain but it is controlled with 3 Aleve.
I got paid today and was given and extra $50 for the 2 overnight stays. I get paid $20 a day for the other boy I watch so it has been nice to have money here. I love having the two boys that are five here being as they love me! They are not mean and hateful to me they give me lovings and hugs and these amazingly beautiful smiles that melt my heart. They do not judge me and call me lazy and fat. They slip up and call me mama half the time. I guess that shows I am doing right by them!!!
I had not asked for the extra money for the over night stays so it was a nice bonus. I also do not expect my friend to pay me for watching her son just enough to fill my tank for picking him up. Believe me when I was hurting and he gave me a hugeeeee hug it made me burst with love for the little booger. Yea it made me get teary but that was because he hit my jaw when it was at its most infected. Oh yea baby that hurt bad. Was so worth the hugs though and the sweet kisses on my cheek to feel better.
Some more good news is SSI is going to be paying more for Megans SSI next month. Right now they are taking out 50% but next month they will just take out 10% to get their back pay. That means we will get around $550 a month in SSI for now on. We have to find out why they are not paying more being as she is now an adult.
I have to get my paperwork notorized and then I can be paid for Megans care as well. I will claim weekend hours being as I am her sole provider on weekends. Oh yea as if Jason would change a diaper or do a med doseage!
I know people say money can not buy happiness but money sure makes life easier and less stressful! I mean today I cashed a check for $800 and had it all in $100 bills. It is MY money. Money that I earned on my own.  Money I do work hard for. It makes me feel proud to be able to earn money and earn it doing something that I love and adore doing.
I wanted to be a mama for as long as I can remember. I wanted to take childhood education when  went to college. My mom said no cause ya will have your own babies and will hate it. Later on in life she realized she was wrong that I was wired to be a caregiver, wired to care for kids. I love watching kids. It is my lifes goal to watch kids and what truly makes me happy.
Now is that sad or what? I mean I went to college for journalism and hated it. I suffered through a year of college just to pacify my parents. In the end I take care of my special needs step daughter and now I am blessed with babysitting. Does anyone else love to watch kids or am I just crazy?

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  1. One of my friends has been running a daycare in her home for over 10 years. After so long, she's a bit tired of it, but it's been nice for her to work from home like that.

    Glad to hear your mouth feels a little better!