Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yea yea yippie

OK first of all I hate driving freeways and having to deal with idiotic rude drivers. TYVM for letting me get that off my chest.
I got to my appointment early and was seen early! Amazing!!!!!! The dentist dude was not able to do all he wanted to do being as the infection ws so bad still. *DUH I said it was bad*.
He drilled into te tooth and cleared out some of the infection, shot it full of germie killers and then did a partial root canal. He also sliced parts of my gum to allow the nasty germie to leave. Now let me tell you that stuff smells like cow poop. It was so nasty. THik of how much cow poop is running through my body now. GAG The hygentist even made a *hypothetical* comment. He asked the dentist dude *if a patient swallows a lot of that white stuff from an infection can it make them sick?* GAGGING* Yea that about made me hurl along with the smell of cow poop. Sounds like a lot of pus was oozing out of my gums and such huh?

OK noting much more to say just have a great day/ night all and hoping I am better tomorrow!


  1. Snicker snicker "swallowing that white stuff"!


  2. Ick -- hope you feel better. Tooth problems are no fun at all.