Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life Stays Crazy Here

I was happy today thinking *cool I will sneak in a nap before Mathies gets here at 11:00. I should of known that my one free morning this week would not end up free!
Hubby calls me at 8:15 asking if I can trade him my van for his truck at work. OK I say but I can't do it later I have to be back by 11:00. Cool he needs it now to pick up a friend and my van is more comfortable then the truck.
I trade my lovely van for his crummy truck and stop at Goodwill. Nothing was there that interested me at the prices they were wanting.
The school calls me and says that they had to call 911 for Megan being as she had a seizure that lasted around a minute. OK that is normal for her why call this time? I still am not sure why. I then am driving home when the paramedics call me. DO I want Megan transported to Mary Bridge etc. No this is normal and she has a seizure disorder, etc. They have to call Mary Bridge to make sure it is OK to leave her.
I go ahead and drive down to the school to look in on Megan and she is fine. All happy and kissy kissy to see me. I go home after stopping off for about 30 minutes. I get another call about 30 minutes after getting home.
Megan had another seizure and now the school is freaking out. O M G is this normal is this going to happen all day is this what we can expect to see how many will she have is this status do we need to call 911 and send her to the hospital..........
I will not say the words I wanted to exclaim at that point. I held my tongue and explained that this is part of Megans disorder. I said yes I deal with this all the time at home on my own. That I have no idea how many seizures she might have. It is not status. No do not call 911. Etc. I am kind of irritated at how freaked out they were!
They wanted me to come and get her but today of all days I was not able to. I called Jason and asked where he was and could he go get Megan. He was close by so he did.
Megan just had another seizure so I am hoping that is the last one for the day. Yes it is normal for her to have a few in a day they are clusters and not a big deal for the most part.
I have the boys until 10 tonight and tomorrow will be a short day thankfully. I will have them starting at 11 and their Dad will get them at around 3:30. Tony will also be here tomorrow!

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  1. Yikes. I hope Megan is doing better and that things have calmed down for you now. Big hugs.