Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hi there! I had a very busy day today. I am going on 3 hours of sleep is all even. I got up at 6:30 and started to move stuff off the floors here being as we were having the carpets shampood. I did most of it on my own being as hubby had to work.
Got the carpets ready to be cleaned, got Megan ready and took her to a Doctor appointment in Tacoma. I was so tired from moving furniture that I did not have a chance to get scared driving today!
Megan and I then went and got gas being as I was down to being able to go 2 moiles! DO not attempt this at home. We ran a van load of stuff the Goodwill and then went to go see Jason at work.
OK hmmm came home and was happy to see how nice the carpets look now. Called to see if Rena wanted to come in early today being as Megan was here. Took Megan to lunch and called the boy to tell him to meet us at McDonalds. He shows up and off to the dentist for his cleaning. We wait and wait and wait. Turns out I put the appointment sticker on the wrong day. They went ahead and took him in being as we made the trip and have company tomorrow.
Dashed off to Target when he was getting checked out to buy Frontline Plus. Some how the dog has gotten a case of fleas. I had stopped off at the Vets earlier today as well to see what it cost to get the instant action pills. Heck they are 20 dollars I think for 2 pills! I would have to make an appointment as well.
OK Adams flea shampoo for dogs and cats, box of Frontline for Mali...... what??? No Frontline for Fraidy! Oh and found a cute costume for Fraidy that I will post later. Went back to Vet store and got a box of Frontline for Fraidy.
Now rush home and start to put my house back together. I need friends to come help me want to be my friend?

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy, but productive day. I always do a double-take when I see the name "Rena" in your posts. ;)