Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy as a Bee Tuesday!

I had a very busy day today. It was endless running well I mean driving from 10:30 until 4:30.
Megan had a Doctor appointment at 11:00. We did not leave there until around 12:30. Megan has lostg a lot of weight due to not eating. She was 138 pounds in Janauary and as of today she is down to 111 pounds. Megan is 5'2" so even though she is a great weight with as little as she eats it is not safe.
I am hoping the insurance will pay for her Insure. The Doctor wrote an RX for 60 cans a month. I will fight them tooth and nail if they refuse to pay it. The next step is seeing a gastrogist and seeing what else might be going on.
We were able to get her back on the Depo shot. She just had her cycle and wow talk about a meanie! I wanted to give her body a year with no Depo but after having her bleed for the last 4 weeksw off and on and seeing her get so moody we went back to it.
I was able to get an RX for a wheel chair for trasnport to and from school and to use at school. We have a stroller but it is getting a bit to used and I like to use it at home when we go shopping.
I had a new RX written for her acne medicine even. The Doctor decided to put Megan on a pre natal vitamin as well. OK yea just what I wanted another pill! The Doctor ordered additional blood test being as we were going for testing already today.
So we leave the Doctors and head to Target to pick up the prescriptions. Talk about a huge bagful of medicinne! I had over $1000.00 sitting in a bag of Megans medicinnes!.
We then headed to the Medical Supply store to order Megans wheel chair. We also put in the order for the Insure. I hope to hear back tomorrow that all systems are go!
After we were done at the Medical Supply store we went to get Megans blood draws. At least that part went fast. I also got to meet Sadie an adorable service dog. I was talking to her owner and said I wanted to get a seizure alert service dog for Megan. She told me that is what Sadie is! I am going to start looking into that more for Megan now being as the night seizures especially are getting harder to catch.
I went to the bathroom and Robert, Rena and Megan headed up to Valet to get the van for me. I get up there and we wait and wait and wait. Uhmmm we have been waiting and there were 4 people after us that got their cars already! So I finally ask what the hold up is why we are still waiting. They ask for our tag and Robert says I gave it to that guy. They said where is the other half of ticket he gave back then? Robert says he didn't give me nothing.
I am getting a bit irritated now and said you guys took my van where is it?? We told the 3 or 4 or 5 times what the van was. Then they look around and say oh hmmm did you have a lot of keys on your ring? I say no there are just 2 keys on my ring. Oh here they are!
*Head slap to the idiots* They get my van and we load up and as I am about 2 miles down the road I notice my GPS is missing. WTF. It has been unplugged and is missing. We finally found it put into the glove box. They had no right to take it off let alone unplug it and put it in the glove box. I wil be calling it in tomorrow and letting them know I am not happy.
OK now it is time for Roberts counseling appointment. It is 2:30 and we are early. We are told oh yea he will be right down. 25 minutes later there he is. I am not happy once again being as Megan and Rena have been sitting in the van all this time. Turns out I have to go to each session with Robert and they want Jason in on the mettings as well. *Mental head bash to the wall*
It is almost 4 when we leave I have not ate yet and I am starving. We stop off and pick up a pizza from Papa Murphy's and drive by the bakery that is never opened. Race home and cook the pizza and go pee. Sweet relief!
I try to call Jason to double check that he does not mind that I baby sit 2 more kids. I will be watching Andrew already 2 to 4 days a week. This other lady has an almost 5 year old and a 10 year old. The younger one will be full time and the older one will be before and after school. I figured it will be easier to have 2 5 year olds playing together then to entertain a wild 5 year old alone! I love that age by the way it is my favorite for working with. The 10 year old has sensory issues to noise and lights so it will be perfect here. Megan has the same issues and Woah Nelly do not get her going with the noise unless you want to hear her screech!
I borrowed the picture for one of the blogs I read. I just thought it was to funny not to share with everyone.
I am happy school starts tomorrow. I have a meeting at Church at 10 and then I want to race up the hill to the mall. I might have to go to the mall on Thursday actually. I want to get home and finish up cleaning the house nice and neat. I have the lady and her 2 sons coming by to meet with me at 6:30 tomorrow night.

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