Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am babysitting now!

I have been babysitting since Tuesday. Well I guess today is day two of my watching the boys. I will have both 5 year olds tomorrow for awhile. Yesterday was a day for Mathies to get used to me so we basically watched cartoons most of the day. Today we watched some cartoons and then we worked on his workbook and did some art projects. In a few minutes I am going to make Rice Krispie treats with him.
I also got paid for the month of September today! It seems weird to take money to watch someone that is so easy to hang out with! He is a total doll baby. Watching him also keeps me home more so I can get more stuff at home done and not be out spending money that I do not have.
Last week Jasons parents were up here so I was kept busy visiting with his Mom. Sunday was the annual Cornfest at Church. It was nice to have so many different foods to eat but lol I had a plate for Megan and me to share and a plate with hamburgers on them. Megan ate most all the plate of salads and stuff I had got for use to share and she ate her hamburger. I had a few bites of mine to be polite but it was to raw and gagged me. I did get an ear of corn and a dessert.
Monday my MIL took me to lunch to Olive Garden. They have the all you can eat salad, breadsitck and pasta on sale. I am not able to eat much in a sitting and had to make a run to the bathroom after half my salad and 1/4 my breadstick. I ended up saving most my pasta for when I got home and had gotten an extra serving of breadsticks and salad and then asked for a to go box! I got home and Megan ate my pasta all up and all the salad! MIL said I could have her pasta being as she was not going to eat it. I didn;t wait for her to change her mind. It was the new pasta in a alfredo sauce but stronger with fresh spinich added in at the last minute. Oh it was divine.
Saturday at the Church we are having a new dervice to teach the &younger* women how to be more of *homemakers*? I am not sure of the right word to use for everyone to understand. It started when one family with girls saw how the teens act when out in public and it was not pretty and not in a Christ like manner. Their girls are not allowed to go with the youth group any longer. So on Saturday I will be baking pies! Apple pies to be exact. I am excited being as I have never made a pie before. OK Mrs. Smith does not count.
I go to the Doctor on Friday morning at 8:30. I am going to ask about this hernia and see if there is anything to do about it. I am going to get my Paxil upped in doesage as well. I need to see if there is a lower doesage sleeping pill being as mine knock me out way to much. They hype me up for a few hours and then I sleep but I am a zombie all day.
I love this picture of Jason and Megan. SHe was finding it funny to make Daddy lay down with her. I mean look at that smile! Oh hey you can see my leopard print pillow from home in that picture!

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  1. Just stopping by to say hello! Glad you are enjoying watching the little boy.