Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 Year Olds

I forget how busy 5 year olds are! They are so much fun at the same time and so easy to keep entertained with silly songs and stories. I had Mathias laughing so hard in the van today it was cute.
I need to find some art projects for us to work on for October. We will be painting some wood pumpkins that I have here and of course decorating a jack o latern later on in October. I would like to get organized and have a different project for each day. I also need to find recipes to make that are kid friendly other then rice krispie squares.
I plan on buying more paints and such this weekend so we have more to do. We are even going to garage sales tomorrow in hopes of finding some cheap toys to play with here. Right now I am borrowing Mega blocks from Megans PCA.
OK I am off to hunt Craigslist and Freecycle!

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  1. Oh, what a fun age to work with! I do a lot of crafts with my kids for school. A good website for that age is ...

    Have fun!