Thursday, September 3, 2009

I got the job!

I met the mom and her 2 boys this evening. They stayed at my house talking to me for over 2 hours. The boys were cute and adorable and funny. This is going to be fun for me. I will be watching the Andrew as well. I will now be watching 2 boys Andrew who is a little bit over 5 and the new boy that is almost 5. They will be all day on the days I have them. As well as the new boys older brother that is 10 before and after school. I have Megan as usual and I also have *The Boy*. Depending on how things go I might end up with the older sister to Andrew.
The best part is my house is nice and clean now! I have 3 or 4 boxes to take down to Goodwill and some stuff I am giving to Rena for her friend. I am going to Goodwill the stuff in our garage come Monday if no one buys it.
The dresses are ones I have been trying to sell. I have them listed for 10 dollars each. They are all new with tags! I mean Goodwill and Salvation Army and the other thrift stores here are selling used dresses for $6.99! I don't know if I might aught to try Ebay at this point!

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