Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Love, love, love, love, love, love.......... OK deep breathing.............. Relax, let it go, breath.........
OK today has not been my day. I love me! I burnt the ribs to a crisp, Megan dropped a shot glass and it shattered all over the kitchen, I stepped on the shards a few times, chicken in crock pot is not done, hmmm yea just not a productive day.
Tomorrow is a new day and it has to be better.
The sun will come out tomorrow......... *smacking red headed brat upside the head for that damn song*.  :)
I am getting a mani/pedi this week I believe. I need to have pretty nails to cheer me up. If they get them into shape I will keep them up. I want a hot pink color on the toes and fingers. I love fake nails but my nails do not like them they break all the time when I have had them.
I hope to sell an item tomorrow for hubby and that will make him happy and get a huge box out of my way.
I decided not to have a garage sale and I am going to freecycle stuff and then donate what is not taken. I will use the Salvation Army being as I prefer their prices iver Goodwill.
I was supposed to go to lunch with Jo tomorrow but I am not in the mood to go. I am not mad at her just a little hurt not really hurt not sure what the word is. Dissapointed maybe?
We were supposed to go and get our mani./ pedis together this week and instead she went with her neighbor who paid for both of theirs. Yes I understand why she went with her neighbor I would of to but I wanted to have some one get theirs done when I did as well. Am I just being childish? I don't care I am just in a funk.
I went to do Megans last diaper change at 1AM and guess what? She had a poopie diaper and decided to play in it. yea just the way to end a day. So now it is almost 2AM and the warm bath wired her up. She is doing her pacing and has done about 25 laps around the house now. SIGH

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  1. Sounds like it was a rough day. I hope you were able to get your nails done. You know, I've NEVER had mine done. How sad is that.