Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Megan and Gravity

I have waited a while to post this blog because I felt so bad about Megan getting hurt. Yes I am even feeling a bit guilty about her getting hurt.I had gone outside with Megan and we were sitting on the porch swing listening to music and swinging and *talking* and singing. Megan was almost asleep and I noticed that my plants were cussing at me screaming for water. I figured Megan was right there napping so I started to water to make the plants stop haunting me.  I had watered the plants on the porch and hanging from the porch. I decided that I would move some plants to the garden to get more sun and had moved a few and then I turned around and Megan was getting up and sitting on the swing. I walked over to Megan to see what was up and realized that she was bleeding from her brow.  Oh no now she has blood from her cheek, hands, knees, feet......I made sure she was going to stay still and ran into the house to get a towel and the phone. Ran back to Megan and pressed on the worst part of the bleeding her brow.Pulled away and still bleeding. Blood, blood, blood. I called Robert to see where he was and thankfully he was out front. I said I need you NOW!!!! If he had been gone I was calling 911 at this point. So he helps With Megan and I grab a clean dress with no blood on it and we rush to the ER. I was asked 100 times what happened to where I get to feel like they are calling CPS. they even have a record of how Megan has balance issues and has fallen before and had staples. So we get to see the Dr. and he ended up giving Megan 3 or 4 stitches to close up her brow. I had them just do the shot to numb her up and said to forgot the sleepy meds. They take 30 minutes to work and Megan is great with shorts. The Dr. had to cut away part of the brow skin to make the injury cleaner and easier to stitch. So yes you can see her pretty little owies.
So then yesterday I went out to water my plants that were begging for water again. Megan was laying down on the couch so I had kept the sliding door opened just a bit to listen for Megan. I am watering my little heart out when Megan opens the door and steps out..... I drop the hose and rush to her but she has stepped and stumbled and crashed.... luckily into the patio table. She did scratch her foot a bit but she was OK. so now I have to figure out how to water my plants and keep Miss Megan from falling and getting hurt!

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  1. Poor Megan. But don't feel guilty. Accidents happen. Love you both!