Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Need My Happy Place Back

If someone asked me today if i liked being married I would of said YES! If they asked me that 2 hours ago I would say HELL NO. Sadly I am still thinking WTF did I get married for? How can a person go from being happy and sweet and then turn on a dime and be cussing and mumbling and throwing stuff and kicking stuff?
My stress level is shy high right now. I am angry and just plain out pissed off. I usually am very calm but there comes a point.... Hubby had last weekend off and he did stuff he wanted to nothing to the house inside or outside. He worked Saturday and today he was off.
We went to church and then he asked if I wanted to go out to eat. OK sounds good to me. I ended up paying for lunch being as he left his wallet in the van. WTF? You asked me out why am I paying then? Yes it is our money but lunch came out of my account not his. I offered to pay being as I had a feeling he was going to pull this. Oh well lunch was still fun.
We came home and he started to work on Roberts truck. Hmm where is Robert at? Oh yea screwing off as usual not helping fix own damn truck. Hubby works a few hours and heads back to church for evening service comes home in a bit of a pissy mood and starts to work in Roberts truck again. WTF? Where is Robert at?
Jason finally comes in and realizes the dryer must not be vented due to the heat in the laundry room. WOW talk about all hell breaking loose! Now hubby is cussing, throwing stuff on the floor, kicking stuff, mumbling *which I hate with a fucking passion!*, whining, complaining, etc.
Woe is me no one cares about the house, or the yard or the vehicles or him waaa waaa waaa. I wanted to say grow some balls and be a man and stop the damn PMSing. He kicked a box and just missed hitting me in his temper fit.
OK I need to water my plants. Have not been able to since yesterday and it was just a partial water. Megan had her accident and I had to stop working outside. Robert has been useless here. I needed 15 minutes to do the rest of the watering. Hubby worked on the damn truck today and all last weekend. He spent no time on the house or yard last weekend. He has bitch non stop about having no time. YES he has time he chose to do what he wanted not what needed to be done.
So ask me if I like being married next week and we will see what my answer is.

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