Thursday, May 26, 2011

MIA haven't I?

I need to get back to blogging faithfully again. I love to blog and share my thoughts and ideas and ask questions. I seem to be most happy when I am blogging. if no one reads this anymore I accept that being as blogging is my release of overflow in my brain.
First of all if I ramble and have spelling errors do not worry I took 2 codeine pills an hour ago to see if they would cut my pain. I believe I have arthritis being as my joints hurt so much now days. I am to the point that I honestly hate to have to stand if I have sat down. I have to gear myself up knowing how bad the pain will be. I am having a lot of issues with my tail bone hurting like hell. Sorry for the cuss word but it was used to show the level of pain. From a 1 to a 10? It is an 8. I am going to make an appointment to look into testing to see what is up.
I found out i am still seriously allergic to the sun or I guess just super sensitive. I was garage saleing last Friday and the sun was out it was 70* and i was fried like a lobster. i mean a burn that easily and a lot of the time i was in a store not in the sun! Summer will be interesting huh?
i am going to work on coupons when I am done blogging. I get side tracked and forget them lose a ton from expiring and then have to start over. I have i think just 6 more inserts to go through. I want to go extreme lol couponing tomorrow,
i am planning on having a surprise 40th birthday party for Jason June 3rd. I will be making most of the decor myself that has to do with being 40. the main theme is going to be a luau so I can use my flamingos!! Oh yea did I tell everyone the patio now has a lovely cover? I enjoy so much sitting outside on the porch swing now and being safe from the suns rays or from the rain.
I have been planting a lot of stuff these last couple of weeks. OK a lot for me being as I really am not fond of being outside with bugs and worms and slugs and frogs, yes I am weird. My onions are doing lovely I am excited about them!
I have a nice little buzz going on right now in case you were wondering.
OK what else is new? Oh my brother in law and his wife and 3 kids as well as my nephew live in Joplin and the tornado barely missed them. they live in 2nd and the tornado flattened houses on 7th. Keep all of Joplin in your prayers please.
Love you all and hope you all sleep well and have beautiful dreams!

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