Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not a Happy Day

I had my plans to go major couponing today after I finished my sorting, clipping, comparing, etc.  done. I was headed out the door and could not find my keys. Spend 30 minutes looking for them all over the house. Called J and R  with R finally saying *sorry I have them in my pocket*. WTH? yea I have tons of shit to do today like the groceries we NEED. 2 damn vehicles here and no keys for wither. I had a major melt down flip out over a comment from J. yea he got the better of me and I totally lost it. Did you know the f bomb can be used a lot of times in different ways in texting? Especially when it takes 5 messages sent to do what I said in one paragraph.
I did more outside on the patio today and did more planting and more cleaning up. I have a lot of veges growing now. I still have more to plant but I want to rotate planting times so I have them through the season. i guess if the weather dries out enough I will mow the lawn being as R is useless if it is not something for him or his gf or her family. J is always to busy to do a thing for me as well. Maybe I need to get a bf to help me do stuff here? lol I wish i was stronger and was able to screw in the screw hooks. i need to hang my tomato and strawberry hanging planters. I also have 2 other hanging planters to hang after they get planted with a cool plant that will hang over the sides.
OK just wanted to make sure I blogged today and I will go couponing tomorrow and see what deals I can find. XOXOXO Daphne

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