Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book Review The Purpost Of Passion

I was so excited to get to review this book by Kurt Burner and Jim Ware. To be honest I had trouble with understanding most of what I was reading. I have never read anything by Dante and therein lies the main problem. It is Burners and Wares take/ telling of Dante's Divine Comedy. I had to reread quite a few pages to understand what was being said. I am still confused over the story and feel kind of bad for not understanding more of what was said. I would love to tell you what it was about but I am not sure. I so badly want to give a great review and tell what it is all about but I want to be honest. I just simply am not sure.
I am going to give it a reread  and see if I understand it better a second time.

*This book was provided to me by Tyndale House Publishers for the purpose of review.

List Price:12.99

Trim Size:5 1/2 x 8 1/4
Release:January 2011

Have you ever wondered if you’re following God’s plan for your love life? Whether single or married, you ache for a deep, satisfying, romantic connection—but aren’t always sure how to handle the heartache and pain that come along the way. If love is truly a gift from God, why does it sometimes lead to the heights of heaven and other times to the depths of despair?

One of the world’s greatest love stories holds the answer. In The Purpose of Passion, best-selling authors Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware journey through The Divine Comedy to discover what Dante, one of the most influential Christian writers of all time, reveals about love in his literary masterpiece. Discover the secrets that it contains about passion, romance, and spirituality—and how they are all connected. Whether you’ve found true love or ache from its absence, your love life is always driving you closer to or away from God. No matter where you find yourself on love’s path, The Purpose of Passion will lead you on a spiritual adventure through the underworld of Inferno, on a purifying trek up mount Purgatory, and into the ultimate bliss of Paradise—revealing God’s ultimate desire for your heart.

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