Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blessed Day Today

I had a very wonderful day today with my husband and Megan and Robert. After sleeping in way longer then we should of Jason, Megan and I laid in bed cuddling and talking. Well Megan was getting irritated at us wanting to go back to sleep but she is so adorable when she first wakes up. I think it was 1:30 before we all crawled out of bed!
I went to McDonalds then being as Megan was hungry and when she is hungry we feed her. The plan had been to take everyone to McDonalds but on the way to get Megan's food I thought hmmm lets got to The Outback and use our gift cards.
I fed Megan and then after waiting for Jason to get off the phone we headed out to lunch/dinner. Megan of course was not hungry but sat with me like a lil lady. Robert had a hamburger and fries, Jason had a baked potato, salad and a medium rare steak.*GAG* It should not have a heart beat. I had a full rack of ribs with a side salad and a baked potato loaded. I ate 1/2 the ribs and 1/2 the salad and brought the ribs and potato home for tomorrow. Oh yea we also had the bread and butter they serve before dinner. I could eat that for my whole meal.
We then went to do an errand that I will report on Monday. For now I can not say what it was. However it was good for Jason to get to do it.

I wantd to go to The Dollar Tree on our way home and we had fun in there. We were all laughing and being kind of loud. It was just a fun trip. I also bought three new books to read. Two of them are by Kate Gosslin and will be an easy and fun read. The other book is a new author for me but looked interesting. I will post the reviews later on.
After leaving that store we headed to the Franz Bakery Outlet. I bought donuts and bread and bread sticks. We made some great deals. The breadsticks were 2/3.00 and they are like double or triple size packages. The donuts were 4/1.00 per box of 8. The bread was not of good a deal but it was the specialty stuff that is normally expensive anyhow.

So that was my day today. It was a fun lazy family day where nothing got done but it was heaven for the soul.

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  1. Don't you just love days like that? They are great! Glad you had such a good family day!