Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Best Laid Plans.......

Today is the first day Megan has been back to school since Christmas break. All of my good intentions have been waylaid so far. I am slowly making progress on my goals a step at a time. I am hoping with Megan in school that I can start to get my cleaning and tossing of stuff going full blast.

Tonight I listed a ton of lingerie on Craigslist. It is stuff I no longer wear and stuff that no longer fits. Some is from 98 even lol so yea it is a bit old. It is all in great shape so I hate to toss it and refuse to send it to a thrift store for them to make money off of me.

I did a load of dishes last night and guess what? They did not complete the cycle. Robert did not pay attention to them so I am having to re wash all my dishes now. Geesh what a waste of time and money.

Oh and I dropped a glass in the sink causing it to shatter into a million and one pieces. Oh and the best part? Going down the drain into the disposal. Did you know that after 20 minutes there is still glass down there?  The only good part is I have not cut my hand yet. Notice I said yet.

My church is having a free rummage sale an a couple of months for our members. I would love to save the stuff for then but I have to get it out of the house ASAP! I have way to much stuff and need to find new homes for it all.

My main goal this week is to get everything listed on Craigslist with pictures. Another goal is to clear out one of the black book cases.  I am thinking of moving all my DVDs to the nice oak bookcase and then selling both black book cases. I will move the stuff I am selling into the spare room but organize it into boxes. I have to go through the big oak bookcase and see what all I can get rid of.


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  1. Sounds busy Daphne! I'm glad that Megan is back in school.