Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life has been crazy here once again. I keep losing time to post and I love to post my stories.
I have to say I love this picture of Megan. She was drinking her milk and making funny faces this day for some reason. The happy news is Megan is now up to 93 pounds. She was at a low of 76 1/2 pounds in May before we had the feeding tube inserted. Megan still is not much on eating food but she is getting better about it. She loves chocolate milk and Hawaiian Punch type of sodas.
I myself have been dealing with some health issues here and have had quite a few different labs done this last month. I did have e-coli last month which added to my health issues. I did a sleep study Monday night and hope to have some answers to that soon. I will be using Jason's C-pap machine being as he wont use it. I am now on a vitamin D regimen as well. I have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy next week even.
I have not been into my couponing much lately but I plan on getting organized with that next week and be back at it. I love to save money and find good deals. I have no idea how I slack off so often at it. Oh yea today I did do one good deal. I bought the Mio energy drink enhancer on sale and with a coupon I ended up paying 99 cents for it! It is normally $3.99 at Safeway here.
OK I am done for now and will post more when I remember! Maybe I can set my alarm to remind me?
Love and kisses! D

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