Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Digestive Health

OK I drank most of that rank crap for my colonoscopy. I swear that it is torture drinking it. To me that was worse then going potty. I was doing research on how to make it go down easier and saw that most people said to use a straw. OK I tired that but finally today I decided to just gulp it down without the straw. A lot faster and easier for me. I would also take a gulp of white grape juice in the middle and suck on a green mint.
So now I am waiting to head up the hill and be prodded and invaded by a man that is not my husband! Bwah ha ha. Sorry have to have some fun with all of this. The bathroom part that I hear so many scary stories about was not bad to me. I guess with my fecal issues already it was just a bit more in a shorter time then normal.
I do have dinner in the crock pot already and have had it going since 8AM. It smells so good and I am so hungry right now. not being able to eat or drink is hard on me. I want to grab a cup of water! I think hubby will need to get me some fast food to eat on my way home!

XOXO my lovies!