Monday, December 3, 2012

Coffee Lovers Cravebox!

Today I got my Coffee Lovers Cravebox and it is a home run! I have been a member of Cravebox from its Beta testing days and I love the boxes. Each Crave Box cost between $10.00 to $14.00 and they are always sending out new and interesting items. Not all of the items are something I will use but then I just pass the item on to someone who will use it.

There was a Tully's French Roast ground coffee in the 12 oz bag. Yes how can I go wrong with coffee from Tully's? I will be having a cup in the morning of this delicious coffee. Tully's coffee is smoother the Starbucks and avoids that *burnt* taste that I hear people complain about. Personally I love Starbucks and think they are great. Tully's dark French Roast will be nice to try being as I usually go for the lighter roast.

My second item in the box was Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup in the 12.7 oz bottle. I love the sugar free items being as my husband is diabetic and this is an item he can enjoy as well. I use the syrups in things other then coffee drinks. The site has recipes of different ways to use their syrups and shows all of their flavors. Right now I am addicted to their Salted Carmel syrup. Yes I want to be buried  with my salted Carmel! Joking

OK confession time here....There were two Biscotti Brothers Bakery bars and I kind of ate them already. Oh my goodness they are delicious! The flavors were almond & cranberry for one and blueberry almond & oats for the other bar. I will be buying these for sure they truly are delicious! I loved these bars and that is why I ate both of them for dinner. They are sweet without being sweet. Hard yet not to hard. They hold up to dunking into your coffee or hot chocolate or even tea.

There was a 1.94 oz bag of Barbara's High Fiber Cranberry Medley which is Divine! it is listed as a blend of real cranberries, whole grains, and pomegranate flavor to fill you up and start your day. It says it is 40% of your daily fiber and guess what? It really is delicious! Now I am honestly not a cereal eater but this stuff is amazingly good! I want to use this as granola and add it to my yogurt and make a parfait with it. All that fiber as well is amazing that it does taste delicious!


  1. Yum! Mine is suppose to arrive tomorrow. I am excited about this one!

  2. Good I didn't get this one can't eat nothing. Oh well ready for my goodies company box.

  3. Good I didn't get this one can't eat nothing. Oh well ready for my goodies company box.